To-Go Training & Workshops

Training - to - go

Schedule Crystal for your next library staff training event! Training-to-go is low cost, simple to schedule, and designed to be engaging for library staff in different roles across your organization. Staff will learn strategies they can implement immediately.

Training topic options:

1. AI as Your Personal Assistant: Boosting Your Creativity and Productivity at Work

2. Working with Challenging People: Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Staff and Patrons

3. Project Pizza Truck: A Fun Introduction to Project Management Tools

Training details:

‣ 1.5-hour, interactive session

‣ Any number of staff can attend

‣ Online (individual log-ins or everyone in one room) or in-person*

"Today’s training was fantastic! The staff are all talking about what AHA moments they walked away with. Many said they came away with a new perspective on patron interactions, such as recognizing that maybe that difficult patron really just has a different communication style. The training was the perfect mixture of fun and humor combined with sound advice on how to tackle tricky interactions. You fit a lot of information into our limited time together."
-- Heather VanTassell, Director, Walla Walla Public Library

"Crystal was an amazing instructor with so many practical and easy to implement ideas and strategies!"
-- Julie, Media Center Director, Millennium Elementary School, IL

Workshop - to - go

Provide an in-depth learning experience for a select group of staff in your organization. Workshop-to-go is a inexpensive way to bring immediate improvements to your library through practical application by implementing a pilot project.

Workshop topic options:

1. Process Mapping: Simply Complex Workflows and Visualize Better User Experiences

2. Building Agile Teams: Engaging Simple Strategies to Foster Ownership and Staff Morale

3. Design Workshop: Learn Replicable Design Tools and Strategies to Gather Community and Staff Input and Create Better Services

Workshop details:

‣ Three part design:

‣ ‣ 1.5-hour interactive workshop, with pilot project homework

‣ ‣ 1.5-hour working session, with additional practical homework

‣ ‣ 1-hour retrospective and coaching discussion

‣ For 1-9 staff members

‣ Online, in-person*, or hybrid

"Crystal’s facilitation skills and enthusiasm for collaboration helped our management team break through a communication barrier to a shared understanding and renewed commitment to our mission and goals."
-- Karen Hill, Director, Cornelius Public Library

* Crystal lives near Portland, Oregon, and is happy to travel to you! Travel expenses will be estimated during the booking process, and must be reimbursed within 30 days of your training event. We recommend asking other organizations near you to schedule adjacent training so that you can split travel expenses.

Not a librarian? Not everyone can be! 😊 These topics are applicable across public sectors, and Crystal enjoys working with education and local government agencies.

Not sure what your organization needs right now? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss possibilities for customized consulting, coaching, or training.

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